Drywall Installation and Damage Repair


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Drywall is most commonly used material in for interior walls to fix all kinds of surface defects from small dents to large holes. For example, doorknob damage, battered corners, creeping cracks, nails that go pop, soggy ceilings, inside corner cleanup, large holes, removal of wallpapers, moving furniture, electrical sockets, poor quality, water leaks, leaky roofing systems, rough dealing with doorways. These gypsum boards are fire resistant, durable, and versatile, making it ideal in the construction of walls, wall hangings, ceilings, and other home remodeling work. Occasionally you will see dry walls constructed from vinyl, brick, fabric, wood or paper though plaster-like substance sealed between two sheets of heavy-duty paper and fitted with special drywall screws is most common.


Our Services

Our authorized and licensed drywall contractors provide the following Services in Glendale and surrounding areas:

  • ¥ Water damage drywall repair and restoration
  • ¥ Drywall replacements, installations, patches, and repair
  • ¥ Drywall plastering, finishing, remodeling, recycle and removal
  • ¥ Popcorn ceiling, Stucco ceiling removal and repair
  • ¥ Acoustic Ceiling Removal
  • ¥ Certified mold inspection, consulting and remediation
  • ¥ Non-Load Bearing Wall Removal
  • ¥ Commercial drywall services
  • ¥ Drywall corners, drywall hanging, drywall texture, lift
  • ¥ Plastering services
  • ¥ Remove and replace Chinese Drywall


Has your drywall suffered water damage?

Here is how to determine.

  • ¥ Staining or discoloration on ceilings and wall surfaces.
  • ¥ Peeling strip joints.
  • ¥ Dampness in the cellar and regular water seepage.
  • ¥ Musty smell.
  • ¥ Loosening of shower tiles.


Watch out!

While walls can be waterproofed through covalent basement waterproofing, if waterproofing is missing or if the waterproofing level is actually punctured, water will certainly result in drywall gradually breaking down. Damaged or non-existent waterproofing can not only break wall structures but can cause roofs to collapse.

drywall-repairs Glendale 6612 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91201


Drywall can be done DIY. It could be as simple as 3-4 coats of compound and leave a wide and very shallow slope on all sides. Just make sure wall studs that are screwed are countersunk and no chamfered edges. Here is one nice DIY tutorial.

Drywall texturing techniques are easy to learn. That makes it easy to use drywall not just for repair but also for fancy and decorative purposes. Many homeowners buy the necessary

drywall tools and taping finishes to do mudding drywall themselves.
Drywall materials are available at local stores such as Lowes & Home Depot. Drywall compound, mesh tape, paper tape, drywall nails and screws take care of most repairs. Drywall repair toolkit consists of metal straightedge, joint knives, flexible knives, inside-corner knife, trowel, utility knife, T-square, hawk, hammer, drop cloth, screwdriver, drywall saw, drill, mixing tools, hand sander, hacksaw, nail bar, construction adhesive, scissors, sponge and level.

If for some reason your do-it-yourself job goes wrong or looks botched up, please feel free to call Water Damage Restoration,Glendale at 818-296-9511. We will make your work look good!

Safety Warning

Drywall sanding dust can cause respiratory problems. Wear a dust mask when sanding to block airborne gypsum and silica particles. Also, spread a plastic dropcloth nearby. Wipe dust off the dropcloth with a damp sponge, then clean the surrounding areas with a shop vacuum, let the air settle, and finish vacuuming with your household vac.
We are top Glendale drywall professionals, and know how to minimize the disruption in your home. Call us at 818-296-9511 to give your interiors a new look. Satisfaction guaranteed!